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On the Darß nature reserve there is a port of refuge which is used for sea rescue. The adjacent beach holds many seabirds.

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The Darß Nothafen is a port of refuge that is used for sea rescue. Already in the harbor basin you can observe many birds. From there, a wooden footbridge goes up a small hill at the harbor entrance. From there you also have a great view of the other side and what is on the harbor wall. From the hill you walk down the jetty and you are then on the north beach. Theoretically, you can then walk along the entire beach to Prerow. But the interesting part for bird watching is in the first third. There are a lot of waders and other seabirds, especially during migration. They can be photographed well. You can sit on the ground and the birds come very close. Behind it are dunes where birds like to hang out. The Seeadler flies regularly and scans the area. The forest then stretches behind the dunes to Prerow.



The bicycle is the best way to get to the Darß Nothafen. There is a large bicycle parking lot. Bicycles can be rented on every corner in the village of Prerow. For cars there is a large parking lot at the beginning of the road (marked on the map). From there it is a 4 km walk to the Darß Nothafen. This stretches quite a bit through the forest or along the beach. You can also reach the area from Born or Ahrenshoop, also on foot or by bike. It is recommended to combine cycling and walking. When the season is on, a small tourist train, the Darß Bahn, runs from Prerow to just before the Darß Nothafen. For pices and travel times see the link below. For everyone who likes waders and seabirds this is a nice place to visit.

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With a wheelchair it would be difficult to reach via the beach. The next toilet would be at the lighthouse at Darß Ort or in Prerow. There is also no restaurant.


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