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Sa Sal Rossa, at the end of Playa d’ Bossa, is one of the best places for birding in the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

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The Natural Park of Ses Salines in the south of Ibiza is a great place for birdwatching. The salt production activity carried out in this area for hundreds of years has formed a unique landscape, a wetland where plenty of birds nest or stop during their migrations. Up to 210 species pass through Ses Salines each year. The lagoons of Sal Rossa are one of the best areas in Ses Salines. Perfect for birding and photographing birds. Between August and October hundreds of Flamenco Común arrive to spend the winter on the island. You can also see other species such as Chorlitejo Chico, Cigüeñuela común, Garceta Común, Tarro Blanco, Perdiz Roja, Gaviota de Audouin, Tórtola Europea, Papamoscas Gris, Lavandera Boyera, Tarabilla común, Curruca Balear, Curruca Rabilarga, Curruca Cabecinegra, Cistícola Buitrón, Alcaudón Común, Águila Pescadora and Halcón Peregrino. In Autumn and Winter big murmurations of thousands of Estornino Pinto can be seen.



Close to the airport and Ibiza-town. You can get in at two ends. Best is to park next to the little church in Sant Francesc de S'Estany. You can combine a visit to Sal Rossa with the main salinas on the other side of the road (also described on Birdingplaces). Or you can park next to the Grand Palladium Hotel. Click on the P in the map to go to the parking of your choice. After rains the 3 km circular path can be extremely muddy, so put on good walking shoes and you might only want to walk the path on the north-western side (next to the airport), which is less muddy and has a bird hide.

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