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Island of Vlieland

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The Wadden Sea island of Vlieland is a great destination for bird watchers. The island is actually one large nature reserve. Located on the North Sea and Wadden Sea, it is teeming with birds all year round.


Vlieland is a wonderful car-free island that is extremely rich in birds. There are so many different habitats that almost every bird feels at home here. There are beaches, dunes, tidal flats, salt marshes, grasslands, heathlands, dune lakes, forests, wetlands, breakwaters and piers. The location on the bird-rich North Sea and Wadden Sea also guarantees seeing thousands of birds. As if that weren't enough for an enormous bird wealth, the island is also located exactly on the Atlantic bird migration route. This means that during the bird migration months in spring (March, April and May) and autumn (September and October) even more birds can be seen on the island.

Everything is close

The size of Vlieland also makes the island an ideal bird watching destination. Vlieland has only one village. The rest of the island is pretty much nature. Because Vlieland is not too big, you can perfectly explore the island by bike. In a long birding weekend you can visit all the top spots on the island. But you can also easily enjoy yourself for a week. On the map below you will find the most beautiful bird areas in Vlieland. Click on a red dot and a pop-up of the area will appear. Then click on the pop-up and you will receive a detailed description of that area on, including a map, walking route and list of birds you can see there.

If you would like more information about accommodation, ferry, food & drinks or other activities, please visit the website VVV Vlieland.