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This is how our new feedback tool works

A key bird species that is not mentioned, a bird hide that is not on the map, lacking info about the birds in the different seasons, or other useful information that is missing. If you know an area well, you quickly notice what is missing or could be described better. That is why we have developed a new feedback tool. So that birders can easily give feedback on described areas. With this feedback the quality of the description of sites can be improved. On this page we show how easily it works.

Next to every described birdingplace you now find this little menu (see the blue arrow above) floating on the left side in your screen on laptop, tablet or pc, or on the bottom of the screen on your phone. When you click on the top icon (the speech bubble icon) a box with 3 fields will appear. In the top field you can provide feedback on the text. In the second field you can provide feedback on the map. And in the third field you can provide feedback on the birdlist.

When you have finished entering your text in one or more fields, press the 'Send feedback' button on the bottom of the box. The feedback is then sent to the author of the area and to the editors of Birdingplaces, so that they can process the feedback. In this way every birder can help improve the quality of information on Birdingplaces. 

All visitors to the website will benefit from this and will greatly appreciate it. So thanks in advance for providing your feedback 👍🏻