hero contest

Tom, Susana and Francesco win Leica binoculars

From December 2021 to April 2022 we organized a winter contest together with Leica. Any birder who added a birdwatching area to www.Birdingplaces.eu had a chance to win high quality Leica binoculars. More than 11.000 birders visited our action page www.birdingplaces.eu/share-a-birding-area-and-win and within four months more than 1000 new birdwatching areas were described on Birdingplaces.

Before the winter contest 3000 bird areas were shared and described on the map of Birdingplaces. But 1105 extra areas have been added during the period of the winter contest. Now more than 4000 bird areas are described in detail! An incredible increase and a valuable and free resource for birders all over Europe.

Winners in Spain, Italy and England

Three winners were drawn from the birders that added bird areas. A Leica Ultravid BR 10×25 binoculars was won by Tom Saunders from Exeter in England. A Leica Trinovid 10×42 HD binoculars was won by Francesco Bertani from Florence in Italy. And a Leica Noctivid 10×42 binoculars was won by Susana Noguera from Murcia in Spain. The winners were very excited with winning their binoculars and all three of them couldn’t believe they had won:

Francesco Bertani:I added 12 areas to Birdingplaces, because I think the website is an indispensable online guide for birders in Europe. It was a very pleasant surprise to hear that I had won a top pair of Leica binoculars. Thanks immensely to Birdingplaces and Leica, for winning these magnificent Trinovid 10×42 HD binoculars. A new inseparable friend on my excursions. These binoculars are simply stunning, with magnificent sharpness and colors! A thousand thanks!”

Tom Saunders: “Having recently moved to a different area the website of Birdingplaces has really opened things up for me in terms of finding new places near by and further afield. Putting new places on the website is a simple process and good fun to contribute to the community and I hope it grows and grows. I added five areas to Birdingplaces, but I was totally amazed that I won. Great thanks! The Leica Ultravid BR 10×25 binoculars are a treat to use. Very well built, lightweight and pack a lot of punch for their pocket size. The optics are spectacular, crystal clear, bright and a lovely field of view with excellent focus. Perfect for regular use at any time of day and will always be in my bag or pockets when out and about.”

Susana Noguera: “I am an enthusiastic user of Birdingplaces and I encourage every other birder to use this rich birding database. Just great that birdwatchers can share their favourite birding spots with each other. It was an enormous surprise that I won the Leica Noctivid 10×42 binoculars! I added 20 birding areas to Birdingplaces, but couldn’t believe I really won. The Leica Noctivid is visually fantastic, the clarity and sharpness of the details are so amazing, just perfect for birding. Thank you so much Birdingplaces and Leica!”