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Winners Leica winter promotion 2023

Over 1000 new birdwatching areas have been added to Birdingplaces in the last 4 months. More than 3,000 birdwatching areas have received a star rating. Our Leica Rate-Add-And-Win winter promotion was a big success. Thanks to this win promotion - sponsored by Leica - many great new bird watching areas have been described. And thanks to all the new ratings, birdwatchers can better determine which birdwatching areas are most worth visiting. Thank you all for participating! And keep adding and rating areas!


And the winners are...


The winner of the Leica Ultravid BR 10x25 binoculars is Fanny Darrieu from Vimoutiers in France. “I found out about Birdingplaces through an ornithologist friend who found Birdingplaces very practical. Now, whenever I travel, I first check Birdingplaces to find new places to discover. I rated several bird areas and I am delighted with the Leica Ultravid binoculars that I won. It is very light and practical. I can now take both my camera and my binoculars to observe birds even better! Thank you Leica and Birdingplaces!”

The winner of the Leica Trinovid 10x32 HD binoculars is Sebastian Lobitz from Rauenberg in Germany. “For my birdwatching and nature photography I am always looking for info on nature reserves, where can I park, where are the permitted paths, and so on. It's great that I can find all this now on Birdingplaces. I also shared areas on Birdingplaces myself. But what a surprise to win these magnificent Leica binoculars. When I first looked through the Leica Trinovid I couldn't believe my eyes. What a clarity and brightness! The size makes the Trinovid easy to handle and take it along. I'm very happy winning the Leica Trinovid binoculars and from now on I will always have it with me when I go out into nature.”

The winner of the Leica Noctivid 10x42 binoculars is Samuel Odrzykoski from Poznań in Poland. “Thank you very much Birdingplaces for this great initiative and Leica for their support. I am a guide of birdwatching tours in many European countries. When I plan a new trip, websites such as Birdingplaces. are for me an excellent base of current knowledge, about what species can be seen in a given place, when it is best to visit the place and many practical tips, such as where the observation towers or the parking lot are. That's why I added several 7 areas on birdingplaces. I have been using a Leica Trinovid for 7 years and I am very happy with it. Durable construction and excellent value for money are the undoubted advantages of this model. But I am also very excited that by winning this contest from now on I will do my birding with the incredible Leica Noctivid!”

We congratulate all winners on winning a pair of Leica top binoculars! And if you didn't win yourself, you did help other birders by sharing your knowledge and great birding areas and we are very grateful for that. Thanks again everyone for participating!

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