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What’s it all about?

Where to watch birds in Europe?

Two raised eyebrows when you ask the question: ‘Excuse me, are there any nice places to go birdwatching around here?’ Bird what? The employee from the Tourist Office stares helplessly at you... And suggests that you visit the local duck pond...

Does the above situation appear familiar? Finding nice birding spots in Europe can be difficult. Most of the time local people cannot really help you because they simply don’t understand what birders are looking for. But birdwatchers do!

That’s where comes in. We give birders the opportunity to find and share birdingplaces. With all the details you need for some fine hours of birding. The idea behind is that as a birdwatcher you help your fellow birders from other regions or countries. By sharing birdingplaces from your own region or great places you discovered abroad. In this way we all can enjoy the thousands of birding gems scattered all over Europe.

Start sharing your favourite birding areas

Sharing birdingplaces is easy and other birders will be thankful. And because of the launch of this year you have a chance on a very nice bonus. If you add birdingplaces in 2020 you can win the topmodel Leica Noctivid 10x42 binoculars or the topmodel Leica Apo Televid telescope (scroll down for more info).


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