About Birdingplaces.eu

On Birdingplaces you can find thousands of great places for birdwatching in Europe and the rest of the world. With all the info you need to go birding in the area. Birdingplaces is made by and for birders and its free!

No more endless research

Birdingplaces makes it easy to find detailed birding info. No more endless research to find good birding spots. We show you how to get to an area and where to park. We tell you how the area looks like and how you can explore the place best. We tell you if you need a spotting scope and other practical tips. We show you the nicest birdwalking route in the area and where the bird hides are. We show you what is the best time for a visit and which birds you can expect to see. In short: within a couple of clicks you have all the detailed info you need for some fine birding in the area.

Birdingplaces.eu is made by and for birders

We give birders the opportunity to find and share birdingplaces all over the world. The idea behind Birdingplaces.eu is that as a birdwatcher you help your fellow birders from other regions or countries, by sharing your favourite birding areas with other birders.

Help us to fill the map and share your favourite birdingspots with us. Thousands of birders from all over Europe are already joining. And you will benefit yourself from all the birdingplaces your fellow birders add on the website. #EnjoyAndProtect!


> Is not commercially orientated. We have only one main sponsor to cover the costs of building and maintaining the website. We are proud that Leica is supporting us in this way.

> Is made by and for birders and is free of use.

> Aims to contribute to the protection of birds by connecting more people to birdwatching. The more people enjoy birds, the greater the support base for the protection of birds and their habitats

> Wants to help raise awareness of the importance of good protection of natural areas. Our slogan is #EnjoyAndProtect!

> Encourages users to support BirdLife or become a member or donor of their national BirdLife-partner.

> Monitors all information on the website on sensitive data. If we think disturbance of vulnerable or endangered bird species might occur, we remove the information from the website.

> Can be used both at home and on location. For example, when you arrive in the area, you can open the map of the area in question on your phone and you can easily follow the set route.

Help us make Birdingplaces.eu better

If you have any suggestions how to make Birdingplaces.eu better for birders, please let us know!

Win Leica Optics

Together with Leica we organize give-aways and competitions. Here you can find the winners of the 'Go in and Win' give-away of 2020 and the 'Bird Migration Competition' we organized in 2021. Our latest promotion was running this winter and spring. Anyone who added a birding area to Birdingplaces had a chance to win a high quality Leica binoculars! Check the promotion page to see who won the binoculars!

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