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Bird Migration Competition

And the winner is… the Common Crane!


More than 4000 birders joined our Bird Migration Competition and voted for their favourite migratory bird. It was an exciting battle between the common swift and the common crane, but in the end the crane was the clear winner with 1302 votes. Below you can see the Top 10 of most popular migratory birds among European birders.

Of the 4026 participants, 976 bird watchers predicted that the crane would win. We have drawn a winner from this group that predicted the number one bird. The Leica APO-Televid 82 spotting scope was won by Jalle Hiltunen from Sweden. Congratulations Jalle with this fantastic lightweight and high quality Leica spotting scope!

In December we will start with a new Leica promotion for Birdingplaces users. But you can already participate! Anyone who adds birdwatching areas to the Birdingplaces webite in 2021 has a chance to win a whole range of great Leica binoculars. You can already start adding interesting bird areas to Birdingplaces now, because the more areas you add in 2021, the more chance you have to win! Soon you will find more info on this new promotion on this website.


Top 10 Favourite Migratory Birds


1 Common Crane               (1302 votes)

2 Common Swift                  (1081 votes)

3 European Bee-eater          (931 votes)

4 Osprey                               (784 votes)

5 Barn Swallow                     (732 votes)

6 Short-eared Owl                 (667 votes)

7 Golden Oriole                     (523 votes)

8 Common Redstart              (515 votes)

9 White Stork                         (488 votes)

10 Common Cuckoo               (446 votes)


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