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It is often hard to spot Golden Oriole, but this is a very good place to look for them. In the trees along the river Drau they seem to be everywhere.

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The banks of the Drau near the village of Feistritz im Rosental are not very spectacular or of a dazzling scenic beauty. But there is at least one good reason to make a stop here. The trees that line the river Drau here are full of the bird we call 'Pirol' (Golden Oriole) in Austria. In May, June and July you can find them here in quite large numbers. As always, it is still difficult to get them in the binoculars, because they are high up in the trees. But they often cross from tree to tree and across clearings in the forest and across the river. In addition, they are very noisy and easy to find by ear. An extra bonus are the Goosander that can sometimes be seen with chicks on the river Drau. A stroll through the forested banks als can also deliver Yellowhammer and in the parts where the forest opens up Red-backed Shrike.



In the village of Feistritz im Rosental take the Drausstrasse towards the river Drau and park near the river (See the P on the map). From there walk along the banks of the river Drau.

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