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Lajedo dos Beija-Flores is one of the principal biodiversity hotspots in Brazil. And a hotspot for hummingbirds.

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Located in the municipality of Boa Nova, Bahia, Lajedo dos Beija-Flores is one of the principal biodiversity hotspots in Brazil. It is a great place for birders and photographers. With about 107 hectares on the outskirts of the Boa Nova National Park and within the Boa Nova Wildlife Refuge area. Boa Nova is home to one of the greatest biodiversity in this group, with approximately 460 species of birds and, in Lajedo dos Beija-flores and its surroundings, around 260 have already been recorded. The gardens with more than 4,000 seedlings of around 70 species of plants attract many hummingbirds and various other birds. There are trails, guides and several platforms designed to provide the best angles for observation and bird photography.

Among the target species most sought after by observers and which are possible to find in Lajedo, we can highlight two endangered species, the Slender Antbird and the Hook-billed Hermit, besides, of course, the Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, a migratory species that visits us in summer. And talking of hummingbirds, we cannot fail to mention that, of the 24 species registered in Boa Nova, 18 of them frequent our gardens.



The city of Boa Nova, where Lajedo dos Beija-flores is located, is located 440km south of Salvador, and whoever comes there can get there via the BR-116. You can also arrive at the Vitória da Conquista Glauber de Andrade Rocha airport, recently modernized in 2019, which is 119 km south of Boa Nova. There, aircraft from the main airlines, Gol, Latam and Azul, with flights departing/arriving from Belo Horizonte, Campinas, São Paulo and Salvador. The journey from the airport to Boa Nova takes approximately one and a half hours.

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The state of Bahia is a great experience for bird watching. You can enjoy your trip and get to know the region of Canudos, to photograph and to birding Lear's Macaws. The Chapada Diamantina region is also an excellent option to searching for many rare and endemic birds. Boa Nova is a quiet city. Lajedo dos Beija-flores does not offer accommodation, but has partnerships that guarantee the best reception for our customers. For your stay, we recommend Pousada Sande, which, in addition to being used to receiving birders, also prepares a breakfast at a special time for those who do not want to miss any part of the day. The Pousada Sande also offers a good rest after the tours. Just get in touch and check availability: Pousada Sande - +55 77 99988-1039


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