Colibri Café - Soda y Mirador Cinchona

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Known as the 'Colibri Cafe', this little cafe is a wonderful spot for bird watching and observing hummingbirds up close.

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In 2009 the small café Soda y Mirador Cinchona (also known as Colibri Café or Soda Mirador Catarata San Fernando) was destroyed by an earthquake but was rebuilt again. This roadside restaurant and viewpoint is located in the middle elevations of the Caribbean slope. The best observation time is early in the morning (the café opens at six). But since this place usually acts as a stopover, visiting times are of course limited to your transit. You can also have excellent food here and can watch birds while having lunch. Also worth seeing is the view of the San Fernando Waterfall, which plunges over 70 meters as it emerges from the Barva Volcano.



Convenient to reach by car. Take route 126 north from the Central Valley, winding down past the Peace Lodge and La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Cross the bridge at the bottom of the falls and drive up the other side. The Colibri Café will be on your right. If it’s not a busy day, you can park right in front, but otherwise be prepared for tourist vans and buses. Click on the P in the map for directions or coordinates. Best seats are in the outdoor part at the back of the cafe.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest , Mountain , Canyon/cliff , Scattered trees and bushes , Valley , River


Mountainous , Open landscape

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?

Can be useful

Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit

Winter , Summer , Autumn , Spring


Paved road

Difficulty walking trail


Accessible by


Birdwatching hide / platform



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