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Wetland created by meanders of the river Drava. Different ducks, waders and other water birds can be seen here.

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In the area of Križnica the river Drava makes meanders in large bends that are not found from Austria to the mouth of the Danube. As it is a cut meander, a large island was formed, accessed by a scaffold or a pedestrian bridge. The area is characterized by the diversity and abundance of birds of sandbanks ( Common Tern, Little Ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper), birds of steep river banks ( Common Kingfisher, Sand Martin) and birds of marsh habitats ( Mallard, Little Grebe, Mute Swan, Black Stork). Other birds you can see are White Stork, Great Cormorant, White-tailed Eagle and Eurasian Hobby. A bird observation tower is located on the shore of the Drava river. A perfect spot for early morning birdwatching or taking a chance to see one of the many river and wetland birds.



Križnica suspension bridge for pedestrians and cyclists stretches over the Drava, connecting the settlement of Križnica with the rest of the County. The total length of the bridge is around 300 meters, of which 164 meters stretch above the Drava River and the rest is connected to the access roads, to accommodate potential floods The width of the bridge is less than two meters, so it is intended only for pedestrians and cyclists.

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The Križnica area with a small village in the middle river course is compressed between meanders of the Drava river bed and the remnants of the old river bed. The shape of former river bed is unbelievable and typical at the same time – like an open hand with five fingers. And nowadays the river bed is completely different. This example shows us that the river is alive and in continual changing, if not gyved by concrete and transformed into canal. The Križnica area is a small piece of Croatian territory north of the Drava River, surrounded with Hungarian territory. Its connection with Croatia is a picturesque pedestrian suspension bridge.

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