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The village of Soplillar lies in the middle of the forest in the Cienage de Zapata. While the area to the east is wet, the area to the north is dry-savannah.

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The surroundings of the village of Soplillar is a very good place to see all four in Cuba existing Quail-Doves: Blue-headed Quail-Dove, Ruddy Quail-Dove, Gray-fronted Quail-Dove and Key West Quail-Dove . Also it is a good place for the Mangrove Cuckoo and the Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Cuban Parakeet and Cuban Parrot can be seen in the early morning or late evening. The Cuban Nightjar and the Fernandina's Flicker can be seen in the north parts of the village.



While it is a bit difficult to get to the village without a car you can bird very good by feet or with a bike once you get there (via Taxi, ...). Also it's easily accessible by car.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest , Wetland , Plain , Steppe , Agriculture , Scattered trees and bushes , Grassland , City/village


Flat , No shadow , Dry , Open landscape

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?


Good birding season

Winter , Summer

Best time to visit



Paved road , Unpaved road , Wide path , Narrow trail

Difficulty walking trail

Average walk

Accessible by

Foot , Bicycle , Car

Birdwatching hide / platform


Extra info

When you walk into the forest prepare for mosquitos. The first path to the left after the road to the Monument is very good for quail-doves.

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Top 5 birds

Ruddy Quail-Dove
1. Ruddy Quail-Dove
(Geotrygon montana)
Gray-fronted Quail-Dove
2. Gray-fronted Quail-Dove
(Geotrygon caniceps)
Greater Antillean Nightjar
3. Greater Antillean Nightjar
(Antrostomus cubanensis)
Fernandina's Flicker
4. Fernandina's Flicker
(Colaptes fernandinae)
Cuban Parrot
5. Cuban Parrot
(Amazona leucocephala)

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