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Paphos Headland is a coastal walk with lots of bird species on and around the coastline, in conjuction with the Archaeological Park (entrance fee applies)

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The Headland at Paphos and Archaeological Park (which is now fenced off and charges apply) is a fantastic area for birds including European Golden-PloverWhimbrelCommon KingfisherCorn BuntingZitting CisticolaSkylarkSardinian WarblerBlack RedstartBluethroatWood LarkSpanish SparrowYellow-browed WarblerEurasian Kestrel to mention a few.



Parking at the Archaeological Park car park or Paphos Harbour, if you plan on just walking the coast down to lets say Lighthouse beach and back, thats fine. For a circular route enter the Archaeological Park (fee required) then walk through the park returning back on the headland boardwalk. 

Terrain and Habitat

Scattered trees and bushes, Sea, Beach


Flat, Rocky

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?

Can be useful

Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit

Spring migration, Autumn migration


Wide path

Difficulty walking trail


Accessible by


Birdwatching hide / platform


Extra info

Paphos headland in Cyprus is a classic migration location, a headland complete with lighthouse, bushes, grassy areas, trees and a drinking pool. Warblers, wheatears, pipits, larks, shrikes and flycatchers can be found here on migration and up to 6 Greater Sandplovers winter here.

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