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Denmarks location with a third place in birdspecies observed (314) after Skagen and Blåvandshuk.

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Gedser Odde is situated at the point where Scandinavia stops and mid-Europe begins. The coast has steep slopes going down to the beach, with flat farmland behind. A fantastic place to watch bird migration. You can see all kinds of migrating birds in the spring and the autumn. The best place to watch migration over sea and land is at the southernmost point. Next to the lighthouse is the former lighthouse assistant's house, now renovated and home to Gedser bird station. Round it is a large garden, that attracts many passerines during a great part of the year. Watching the sea migration is best on days with strong on-shore winds. Gedser is also known for its many Common Eider, that can be seen in great concentrations.



Route E55 connects Nykøbing Falster to the town of Gedser. In the town, turn left onto Langgade (just after Strandvejen). The road continues as Sdr. Boulevard and then as Gedser Fyrvej. By driving past the lighthouse one reaches a large car park near the beach. From here, one can walk further east to the old naval station (now rebuilt as an exhibition building) (follow the sign for "Sydstenen" which is the large stone marking Denmark's most southernly point). One can also go back to the bird station, which is the thatched building next to the lighthouse.

Terrain and Habitat



Flat , Sandy

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?


Good birding season

Spring , Autumn

Best time to visit

Autumn migration , Spring migration


Wide path , Paved road

Difficulty walking trail


Accessible by

Bicycle , Car

Birdwatching hide / platform


Extra info

Gedser bird station carries out standardized ringing in the garden around the station. Ringing takes place from 1st March to 15th June and again from 20th July to 15th November. There is admittance for the public to the station: access is along the path from the car park to the thatched cottage. Apart from ringing passerines, the bird station carries out standardized counts of the migrating birds that fly past and over Gedser Odde. This registration takes places throughout autumn, from August to December. Gedser bird station is the locality in Denmark that rings the greatest number of birds - an impressive number in spring and a remarkable number and variety of birds in autumn.


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