Østerø Sø

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Østerø Lake is an area of 57 hectares which in addition to the lake also includes coastal lagoons, beach lakes, seawalls and salt marshes.

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Østerø Sø has a lookout tower (Fugletårn) for bird watchers at Østerø lake on the Knudshoved peninsula in Nyborg. The lake and surrounding salt meadows are an importang breeding ground and forage territory for many ducks and wading birds. Because of the rich bird life around Østerø lake, traffic in the enclosures around the lake is forbidden during the breeding season from April to June.



Birdwatching tower on the eastern side of Østerø sø. A nature path leads from the car park to the bird watching tower by Østerø Sø lake, so you can walk there without disturbing the birds. In the tower there are posters showing the birds you are most likely to see.

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