Sønder Lem Vig

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Large wetland area covering around 1000 ha with beach meadows, reedbeds and shallow bays.

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Sønder Lem Vig is originally an inlet, it is cut off from the Limfjord by an embankment that was build in 1876-77. Plans for draining the area were, however, never realized. A 200 m long canal connects the fjord with Sønder Lem Vig. In 1960 a pump house was built at the end of the canal to keep the water level in the inlet constant. The inlet itself, i.e. the open water, covers around 350 ha but reedbeds cover more than 150 ha, being especially dense on the southern and eastern banks. North and east of the inlet there are meadows and a little further north a few small woods with deciduous and coniferous trees.

The area is a breeding ground for ducks, waders and reedbed birds. For example Garganey, Northern Shoveler, Little Grebe, Avocet, Eurasian Oystercatcher, Northern Lapwing, Common Snipe, Common Redshank, Little Ringed Plover and Common Ringed Plover. The reedbeds support Great Bittern, Water Rail, Spotted Crake, Bearded Tit, Bluethroat and several pairs of Western Marsh Harrier. In the winter months small flocks of Whooper Swan and Greater White-fronted Goose can be seen, together with Goosander, Smew and Greater Scaup and if you are lucky Short-eared Owl.



A car park at the pump station at Hostrupvej gives access to Sønder Lem Vig. From here there is a view over the water, especially if one follows the canal out to the inlet itself. An observation tower at the eastern end of Sønder Lem Vig gives a view over the reedbeds and the eastern section of the inlet. A good place in spring when bird migration has started and the breeding birds have become active. There is a good chance of spotting Bearded Tit, Western Marsh Harrier and Garganey. Great Bittern is often heard in spring. The tower can be reached from Sønderlemvej, which runs parallel with the northern side of Sønder Lem Vig. From Sønderlemvej one can turn south onto a road signed “Vigen” to Bustrup Plantage, where one can leave the car and walk along the path through the wood to the observation tower at the end. There is another bird observation tower on the southern bank of Sønder Lem Vig. The tower can be accessed from Vester Egebjergvej which runs south of Sønder Lem Vig. One can park at the side of the road at the farmhouse about 1 km north of the village of Egebjerg. From here there is a walk of around 1 km out to the tower. Click on a P in the map to get directions to the parking of your choice.

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Forest , Wetland , Lake , Reedbeds


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All year round

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Spring , Autumn migration , Spring migration


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