Coastline between Port Ghalib and Marsá Mubārak

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Being located in the Three Corners Hotel, you'll have a great opportunity to find good coastal species and migrants here.

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The area between Port Ghalib and the Marsá Mubārak bay is part of the Egyptian desert, adjacent to the Red Sea coast. A single hotel is located in the center, called The Three Corners: Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort. The hotel grounds are great for migrants during both spring and autumn migration and the garden can be full of surprises. Anything can show up here, like Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin, Spotted Flycatcher and Eastern Olivaceous Warbler. Common (local) species that can be found here are Laughing Dove, Masked Shrike, Cattle Egret, Brown-necked Raven and White-crowned Wheatear. Also, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater might show itself, perched in some trees.

The coastline, especially between the hotel grounds and Port Ghalib, are great for waders. Pairs of Greater Sand Plover can be spotted near the shoreline. Other common species are Black-winged Stilt, Sanderling and Ruddy Turnstone. Often, singular or pairs of Western Reef-Heron forage near the shoreline for fish. Striated Heron and Pied Kingfisher often perch on the rocks. Osprey can pass overhead.

Further offshore, you can see flocks of White-eyed Gull and Sooty Gull. Also multiple tern species can be seen, like White-cheeked Tern, Caspian Tern and Lesser Crested Tern. If you're lucky, a Brown Booby might show itself far in the distance.

Towards the south, the Marsá Mubārak bay is located. This bay is known for its many Green and Hawksbill (sea) turtles and sometimes even a Dugong.



This area is only accessable if you're located in the The Three Corners Hotel. You might see the same species when visiting Port Ghalib and the Marsá Mubārak bay from elsewhere.

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Sea , Beach , City/village


Rocky , Flat , Sandy , Open landscape , High water possible

Circular trail


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Can be useful

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All year round

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Spring migration , Autumn migration


Unpaved road , Narrow trail , Wide path

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Birdwatching hide / platform


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