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Green area in the town of Otepää with many different habitats of flowers, shrubs and trees. Good for easy birding, but also more uncommon birds can be seen.

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Otepää is a small town nestled in the southern Estonian valleys, In this park-like area of the village different plants, mature trees and a pond provide both food and shelter for birds. All the common urban birds can be seen, but also less common birds like Hawfinch, Common Redstart, Cuckoo, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Middle Spotted Woodpecker and Red-backed Shrike are possible.



Easy to access by car, bicycle and on foot. The area can be best explored on foot. Click on the P in the map to get directions.

Terrain and Habitat

Grassland , City/village , Agriculture , Scattered trees and bushes , Plain


High water possible , Hilly , Sandy , Flat

Circular trail


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Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit

Winter , Spring


Narrow trail

Difficulty walking trail


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