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Mykines is the most western island of the Faroe Islands. On the island there is an internationally important seabird colony with over 250,000 breeding pairs.

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Mykines is an island with rugged coasts, steep cliffs, and grass-covered slopes. the seabird colony is located on the western headland and on the islet Mykinesholmur. A footbridge connects Mykinesholmur with the main island. The hike from the village to the lighthouse at the end of the islet Mykinesholmur passes right through the large Atlantic Puffin colony. Moreover, European Shag breed on the rocks at the water's edge, while the cliffs are breedin sites of Common Guillemot , Razorbill and Northern Fulmar. Mykinesholmur is the only place on the Faroe Islands that is home for the Northern Gannet. Kittiwake breed on the cliffs next to the footbridge.



Boat trips from Soervagur to Mykines must be booked in advance. For schedules and contact details visit https://mykines.fo. Travelling time is 45 minutes. All visitors who wish to hike on Mykines must pay Hiking fee. The fee is used to protect the seabirds.

The narrow and in parts steep path to the lighthouse may be slippery depending on weather.

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Mountainous , Slippery

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The island inhabits the endemic Mykines house mouse, a subspecies of Mus musculus.


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