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In the Tollsträsket - Jerikonmäki area you can find a small eutrophic pond, large reedbeds, old forest, flood forest, river and fields.

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Even though Tollsträsket (=Tolsa lake) lies only a noise barrier away from a highway, it's still a peaceful place. Not many people visit here. Tollsträsket is one of the most important breeding places for many species of the reedbeds in Kirkkonummi. The best time to visit there is early morning or night at the turn of May and June. At that time you can hear a concert of several nightingales and warblers. It is also a challenge to try to see Eurasian Moorhen at the lake. It's a rare and shy bird in Finland, and it nests in the reedbeds of Tollsträsket.

Jerikonmäki (= hill of Jericho) forests are mostly old forests with species like Red-breasted Flycatcher nesting there. From Jerikonmäki you can also find flood forests which are quite rare in Finland. River "Tollsån" (that starts from Tollsträsket) flows through Jerikonmäki area. Tollsån is surrounded by bushes with species like Garden Warbler and Eurasian River Warbler nesting there. Usually in early spring Tollsån floods to the trail. At that time of year it might be harder to walk in the area.



Easiest way to get in to the area is to park a car to "Jerikonmäki fitness stairs" parking (Upinniementie 20). There are good trails to walk or cycle in Jerikonmäki area. In winter there is a cross-country ski run too. The route that is shown on the map is about 4 km.

If you want to go to Tollsträsket by car, park it to the Tolsa railway station that is located under 500 meters from there. You can also get there from Helsinki by train twice in an hour. From Tolsa railway station you have to walk by the overpass over the highway. Immediately after the bridge there is a Y-shaped crossing, there you turn sharply to the left. After crossing the creek and reaching the noise barrier, turn left again. (Here you can no longer ride a bike anymore so you have to lure it from now on.) Walk right next to the noise barrier ca. 200 meters and you are at the destination.

If you want to go to the southern side of the lake (there is some old spruce forest too), walk straight on from the Y-shaped crossing. After the first house in the right, turn right and walk through the planted pine forest. Then cross a creek again, and you are at the destination.

Terrain and Habitat

Reedbeds , Forest , Wetland , Lake , Grassland , Agriculture , River , Scattered trees and bushes


Flat , Wet , High water possible

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?


Good birding season

Spring , Summer , Autumn

Best time to visit

Summer , Spring


Unpaved road , Narrow trail

Difficulty walking trail

Average walk

Accessible by

Foot , Car , Bicycle

Birdwatching hide / platform


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