Etang des Vavres

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Etang des Vavres is a lake that is part of the greater area of La Dombes, the thousand ponds region. This is a paradise for water birds and birdwatchers.


Thirty kilometers above Lyon a fantastic bird area is located: the Dombes. More than 1000 lakes where freshwater fish are bred. These lakes attracts many birds! Waterfowl that can be seen in impressive numbers. Lake Vavres is just one of the lakes that is good for birding. In the breeding season, you will certainly have a chance to see the many species of herons, European Bee-eaterHoopoeMarsh HarrierRed-backed ShrikeCetti's WarblerCommon Kingfisher and Great Reed Warbler. Among the other birds you can see here are Purple HeronBlack-crowned Night-HeronBlack-necked GrebeCommon CraneBlack StorkWhiskered Tern and Osprey.


Français: L'étang des Vavres est un lac qui fait partie de la grande région de La Dombes, la région des mille étangs. C'est un paradis pour les oiseaux aquatiques et les ornithologues amateurs.



The village of Villars-les-Dombes is centrally located in the area. This is the best base for your birding tours through De Dombes. You can also make nice hikes through the area. Birds are everywhere.


Français: Le village de Villars-les-Dombes est situé au centre de la région. C'est la meilleure base pour vos excursions d'observation des oiseaux à travers De Dombes. Vous pouvez également faire de belles randonnées dans la région. Les oiseaux sont partout.

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Lake, Reedbeds


Flat, Swampy

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Winter, Autumn, Spring

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Spring migration, Autumn migration, Winter


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