Les Prairies de Saint-Maurice-en-Rivière

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Well preserved moist hay meadows, dotted with hedges of a few rows of trees.

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Les Prairies de Saint-Maurice-en-Rivière can be explored by agricultural paths that allow you to cross a whole complex of hay meadows. In this way you can easily observe typical species such as Eurasian Curlew, Whinchat, Western Yellow WagtailCorn Bunting. It is one of the last sites to host the Corn Crake. In wet springs, one can have the chance to see/hear the Spotted Crake or the Baillon's Crake. In the few wastelands one can observe the Zitting Cisticola and the winter Hen Harrier and Short-eared Owl can be seen there.


Français: Prairies de fauche humides encore bien préservées, parsemées de haies de quelques alignements d'arbres. Les chemins agricoles permettent de parcourir tout un complexe de prairies de fauche on peut y observer facilement des espèces typiques comme l e Eurasian Curlew, le Whinchat, la Western Yellow Wagtail, le Corn Bunting. C'est l'un des derniers sites à accueillir le Corn Crake. Les printemps humides on peut avoir la chance de contacter la Spotted Crakeou encore la Baillon's Crake. Dans les quelques friches on peut y observer la Zitting Cisticola et l'hiver en dortoir le Hen Harrier et le Short-eared Owl.



You can access the area from rue Émile Jeunon or rue Chandelier.


Français: Accès par la rue Émile Jeunon ou par la rue Chandelier.

Terrain and Habitat

Wetland, Plain, Grassland, Scattered trees and bushes


Flat, Open landscape, No shadow

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?

Can be useful

Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit



Wide path, Unpaved road

Difficulty walking trail


Accessible by

Foot, Bicycle, Car

Birdwatching hide / platform


Birdingplaces Near

Prairies de Verjux, Etang de Pontoux.

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