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The Aartalsperre is the second largest lake area in Hessen. Many water birds, waders and other birds can be seen here.

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Since the Aartalsperre in the Gladenbacher Bergland is the only large body of water far and wide, it also attracts migrants that fly over there almost magnetically. So it is no wonder to see gulls or terns and, of course, resting waders and ducks as well as divers and Osprey here during migration. The 50 hectare dam area is divided into numerous islands of different heights. The edges are mostly covered with rushes. Large parts are grazed by free-range herds of cattle. Whinchat and European Stonechat sit on the fences and Reed Bunting sing in the reed beds. Among the other birds you can see here are Skylark, Meadow Pipit, Red-backed Shrike, Goosander and Great Egret.



The Aartalsperre is accessed by a three kilometer long circular hiking trail, with a good panoramic view from an elevated vantage point, but in the east you can also pass almost directly on the bank. There is a parking place directly along the trail. Click on the P in the map to get directions there.

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Wetland , Lake , Reedbeds , Grassland , Scattered trees and bushes



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Die Vorsperre ist durch zahlreiche Inseln unterschiedlicher Höhe gegliedert. Die Ränder sind meist mit Binsen bestanden. Weite Teile werden von frei laufenden Rinderherden beweidet. Auf den Zäunen, die den Weg eingrenzen, sitzen Braun- und Schwarzkehlchen, in den Röhrichten singen die Rohrammern.


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