Alter Botanischer Garten Göttingen

Niedersachsen, Göttingen  >  Germany

Old botanical garden in Göttingen. Worth a visit also for the beautiful plant diversity. The calm setting and rich vegetation attracts lots of birds.

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Most recent update 12 February 2020
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Old botanical garden in the city of Göttingen. Especially the high plant diversity and calm setting is perfect for bird species trying to find a calm space in the city. Besides the general bird species like Blackbird or tits like Long-tailed Tit, you can also find Common Kingfisher here. In winter there have been records of the rare visitor Bohemian Waxwing. Worth a visit if you are in the area.



You can go by bus or take a walk from the city centre. Its not very far from the centre. Parking is difficult but possible at the university of Göttingen.

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Circular trail


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Winter , All year round

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Bicycle , Foot

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