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The NSG Ederauen near Obermöllrich and Cappel has a size of about 70 hectares and runs parallel to the river Eder over a length of about three kilometers.

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Ederauen consists of riparian forests, oxbow lakes, grasslands and gravel ponds. In general, the Eder is considered to be one of the cleanest rivers in Hessen and enjoys relatively natural flow dynamics that also allow floods. The regularly occurring floods ensure fresh bank breaks and gravel islands and repeatedly create temporary shallow waters. This also created beautiful alluvial forest structures, for example with the rare autochthonous black poplar, which is also home to a species-rich flora and fauna. The Eder floodplains with their sand and gravel pits are of outstanding importance for many wintering and resting birds. Because of its clean and cold water, the Eder is home to many salmon-like fish (salmonids).



Access by car. Explore by bike or on foot.

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Lake , River , Grassland


High water possible , Wet

Circular trail


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The four-kilometer stretch from the Eder Bridge on Kreisstraße 12 between Zennern and Obermöllrich to Karlshof Castle in Wabern is a particularly attractive section in all seasons. The path begins south of the Eder Bridge between two ponds, of which the southern one, freshly cleared, is a preferred resting place for various water birds and waders.


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