Falkenberger Rieselfelder

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Sewage fields with only temporarily higher water levels. But it is a beautiful open landscape with bird species that are no longer very common.

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The 4 km circular route around the Falkenberger Rieselfelder begins in the settlement area at an animal shelter. The area is particularly attractive in the north, where temporary bodies of water can be found and rare open-land species breed such as Corn Bunting and Red-backed Shrike. Other birds you can expect are Common Nightingale, Snipe, Northern Lapwing, Skylark and Yellowhammer.



You drive to Falkenberg and park near the animal shelter. Click on the P in the map to get directions. From there you can start the 4 km circular route.

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Wetland , Agriculture , Scattered trees and bushes , City/village



Circular trail


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Spring , Summer , Autumn

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Wide path , Narrow trail

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Car , Bicycle , Foot

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