Gespringsbach Nature Reserve

District of Main-Spessart, Bavaria  >  Germany

Gespringsbach is a creek close to Zellingen. Since a few years beavers form a rapidly changing water landscape in which the number of bird species is growing.

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As renaturation of the Gespringsbach creek has been carried out just a couple of years ago and as beavers contribute to rapid changes in this biotope, the changes in birdlife are also recent, with "new" species being reported every year. So this area can be seen as a little "birder's surprise egg".

When you walk under the railway bridge you might want to look for Peregrine Falcon; look at one of the bridge's girders.



Most visitors come by car, the parking lot is located at the "Schützenhaus" just next to the road from Zellingen to Birkenfeld. Click on the P in the map below to get directions.

The next station in Retzbach-Zellingen is 2,4 km away.

The circular route that is shown on the map is about 3 km long.

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Wetland , Plain , Scattered trees and bushes , Mud flats , Agriculture , Reedbeds , Plateau , Lake


Flat , Hilly , Open landscape , High water possible , Wet

Circular trail


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Spring , Spring migration


Wide path , Unpaved road

Difficulty walking trail


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