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The Grunewald is one of the largest forests within the borders of Berlin. The Grunewald can get busy especially on sunny weekend days. So time your visit well.

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The Northern part of The Grunewald can be broken down into 3 smaller interesting birding areas:

1 The Drachenberg, just like the nearby Teufelsberg the Drachenberg was created by piling up all the rubble of Berlin after WWII, and is now covered in vegetation. Due to its flat top It provides an excelent platform to view the forest and Berlin. Especially the South eastern slope of the Drachenberg, facing the Teufelsberg, is interesting for birding. It is covered in small bushes and wildflowers and in summer home to many insects and birds. There are Red-backed Shrike , Yellowhammer andEurasian Kestrel here as well as the more common forest birds.

2 The Sandgrube is an old quarry turned into a protected area. It is about 25 meter deep and has some permanent water (little lake at the bottom) with reedbeds and in summer there are many different plants, butterflies and all sorts of insects. Due to its mixed habitat of sand, grass, flowers, forest, swamp, and reedbeds you can find many different species here, like Great Reed Warbler, Yellowhammer, Red-backed Shrike, Common Redpoll, Common Nightingale, Whinchat, Common Raven and Greater Whitethroat.

3 Teufelsee and adjacant Ökowerk Naturschutzzentrum. The latter also organizes birding tours with guide for very low prices. The compound of the Ökowerk is home to breeding Black Redstart and Common Redstart. The Teufelsee is also frequently visited in winter by a Wood Duck. In summer the Teufelsee and adjacant field is used for nudist recreation so maybe not the best time to walk around with a binoculars or camera.

In the forest in between these 3 areas one can find all 3 species of spotted woodpeckers, as well as the Black Woodpecker. Also flycatchers, Coal Tit, Crested Tit, Marsh Tit, Northern Goshawk and Common Buzzard.



All 3 areas are relatively close and can be visted in single day. Parking is possible at the foot of the Drachenberg as well as at the Okowerk which also has a small restaurant.

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I have described the Grunewald on Birdingplaces in 3 sections: The Northern part that is descibed in this birdingplace posting. The west side with the Pechsee and the shores along the River Havel that is described in an other birdingplace posting. And the southern part around the lakes Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke, also described in an other birdingplace posting.


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