Lange Rhön

Bavaria, Lower Franconia  >  Germany

Plateau on 900 m characterised by moors, meadows and bushland. Famous for being of the few extra-alpine sites of Black Grouse in Germany.

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The Lange Rhön is a stronghold for many species specializing on meadows which have disappeared in the most parts of the country. Notable breeders include Black Grouse, Great Grey Shrike, Common Rosefinch, Whinchat, European Stonechat, Snipe, Grasshopper Warbler, Corn Crake and Woodcock. Other more common species like Red Kite (in the surrounding area), Skylark and Meadow Pipit reach high densities.

Due to its importance it is crucial to remain on the marked paths. The recommended tour is a well known hiking circuit trail easily recognisable by a red "H" on white ground. With a length of about 14 km it offers birding potential for a full day. When your time budget is low focus on the southern half and particularly on the area "Heidelstein-Schwabenhimmel".



There are multiple car parks on the plateau (note that you have to park your car on a signed out car park), the most suitable one is called "Schornhecke" and situated a short distance west of the crossing on the plateau.

By public transport access is very limited and can't be recommended. The so called „Hochrhönbus“ (line 8305) is the only bus line that connects the plateau with the villages in the valley around, but note that it only stops a couple of times per day and that it is necessary to call the operators at first on working days.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest, Wetland, Scattered trees and bushes, Grassland, Plateau, Moors/heathland, Agriculture


Dry, Open landscape, Hilly

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?


Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit

Spring, Summer


Narrow trail, Wide path

Difficulty walking trail

Average walk

Accessible by


Birdwatching hide / platform


Extra info

A hiking map can be very useful, as there are a lot of small trails. Forbidden paths are normally marked with the following reference "Hier kein Wanderweg". Should you have decided to make the whole tour you can take a rest on the "Thüringer Hütte", which offers also rooms.


Birdingplaces Near

If you'd like to expand your trip you can furthermore visit the Schwarzes Moor (similar selection as on the circuit trail) and the Rotes Moor (mainly woodland species) in the surrounding area.

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