Ostpark Frankfurt am Main

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Frankfurt's Ostpark covers an area of 32 hectares between the districts of Ostend and Riederwald.

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In the middle of the park is the approximately 4 hectare large and only 1.5 m deep Ostparkweiher, which was created in a part of the dried up oxbow lake of the Main. Crucian carp were released, a species of fish from the carp family that is threatened with extinction in Hessen. The pond has to be desludged from time to time because it does not (yet) have a natural inflow. The danger of eutrophication (“overturning”) of this nutrient-rich water body is increased, especially in summer. One reason why we shouldn't feed water birds additionally. A surprising number of birds can be seen in the park.



Connection: line U7 to the Eissporthalle / Festplatz stop.

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Grassland , Forest , Lake


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