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Most famous rock formation in Sächsische Schweiz. You can combine a visit with a nice birding walk in the surroundings.

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The Bastei is the most famous rock formation in Sächsische Schweiz. It's a very popular area, so birders must start early to see most birds. But the views are fantastic and there are always some interesting birds to see. A 76 m long bridge runs through the rock formation. The bridge also leads to the ruins of the Neurathen Castle, the largest medieval rock castle in the region. Other impressive vantage points, such as the Ferdinandsfels and the Kanapee, offer spectacular views into and over the Elbe Valley and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. But the forested surroundings hold also many forest birds. Among the birds you can see around the area are Red Kite, Black Woodpecker, Coal Tit, Common Raven, Wood Warbler, Goldcrest, Common Redstart, Black Redstart, Siskin and Grey Wagtail.



The access to the Bastei leads via the village of Lohmen. There are two parking options at the driveway to the bastion. On the one hand, there is a parking lot right next to the bastion. Also for wheelchair users who want to discover the area, the excursion to the Bastei can easily be started from there. On the other hand, there is another parking lot at the beginning of the Basteistraße, from which a bus shuttle service to the Bastei is offered. The Bastei does not cost any admission. There are also no opening times, the area can be accessed at any time all year round. Many hiking routes lead around the rocks. On the map you see a circular walk of 4,5 km which also takes you along the waters of the Mühlteich, Grünbach and the Amselsee, where you have the chance to pick up some nice waterbirds.

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Forest , Canyon/cliff , Scattered trees and bushes


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Circular trail


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Spring , Summer , Autumn

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