Stülper Huk and Dummersdorfer Ufer

Schleswig Holstein, Lübeck  >  Germany

Nature reserve of outstanding beauty and a good variety of birds such as White-tailed Eagle.

Added by Tim Herfurth


This place of the River Trave is maybe the most beautiful part of the FFH Area "Traveförde". On a sunny day the green hills formed a long time ago by glaciers always remember me a bit of Ireland. As rather crowded on weekends you should try an early morning start on a weekday. Birdlife is good throughout the year. In winter it`s maybe one of the best places for White-tailed Eagle and Whooper Swan.  Breeding species are Eagle OwlRed-backed Shrike and Red-necked Grebe. Maybe the Huk itself is one of the best places in Lübeck to  observe migrating species as they follow the Trave and cross the Huk. The gravel pits sometimes hold breeding Little Ringed Plover. The area used to be the best spot for Barred Warbler but there have been no safe records in the past years.



There  is the bus line 32 to the station "Hirtenbergweg" but then it`s still a rather long (but sometimes productive) walk.  If you have a car use the public car park and don`t drive past the gate as some people do. You are allowed to do so if you are disabled.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest, Lake, Agriculture, Scattered trees and bushes, River



Circular trail


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All year round


Wide path, Narrow trail

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