Tister Bauernmoor

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Large raised bog area of 570 hectares with a lot of Common Crane during autumn migration.

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The Tister Bauernmoor is an area of raised bog. Much of the moor was used for industrial peat-cutting. The northern part of the moor was converted to pasture, but is no longer farmed. In order to renaturalise the area about a third of the nature reserve was re-flooded. The areas that were overgrown with pines were cleared. The Common Crane has resettled in the area and now breeds here. In late autumn several thousand rest on the moor before flying on to their winter quarters. Some Common Crane even stay the winter and some stay all year. The area also features a lot of water birds (ducks and geese), as well as birds of prey, such as White-tailed Eagle.



Large parking off the main road. Click on the P in the map to get directions. There are paths to explore the area and a raised boardwalk makes it possible to enter the wetter parts.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest , Wetland , Moors/heathland



Circular trail


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All year round

Best time to visit

Autumn migration


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