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The gorge-like Trübenbach valley is a wonderful area to combine walking and birding.

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The gorge-like and wild Trübenbachtal with its mosses, ferns, small waterfalls and wooded slopes is even without birds very much worth a hike. But birding makes it even better. Along the river you can spot Grey Wagtail and White-throated Dipper. In the forest and surrounding fields you can see Red Kite, Black Woodpecker, Pied Flycatcher, Spotted Flycatcher, Common Redstart, Hawfinch, Bullfinch and Yellowhammer. The Trübenbach stream runs through the gorge over several smaller waterfalls. The Trübenbach is 5 kilometers long and overcomes a height difference of 240 meters. Note that the Trübenbachtal is a popular local hiking trail so for birding, go early.



There is a parking lot below the Kyrburg near the village of Kirn. From there you can just walk the gorge and turn back, but you can also make the circular walk of 10 km you see on the map below. It leads not only through the gorge and the river but also through forest and past wonderful open viewpoints.

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