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A forested area on the southern side of the Kólpos Kallonís bay and thé spot for Krüper's Nuthatch on Lesvos and maybe even Europe!

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The Achladeri forest is located on the southern side of the Kólpos Kallonís bay near the village of Achladeri. The forest consists of mainly pine trees and is one of the main areas which birders tend to visit on Lesvos, due to the presence of the Krüper's Nuthatch. Several breeding pairs of this beautiful bird can be found here. They are often found by voice and mostly seen a bit further into the forest.

Besides Krüper's Nuthatch, the area is also great for many other species of songbird, like Wood Lark, Long-tailed Tit, Short-toed Treecreeper and many other species during migration, like warblers and flycatchers.

The scrubby area on the western side of the area, facing the military base(!!) is a good spot for Masked Shrike. The forest itself is also a good place for Long-eared Owl.



The area is fairly easy accessable. You can park your car next to the road or on the several "parking spaces", being open spaces near the road. From there, you can walk into the forest until you reach a dirt road. The Krüper's Nuthatch should be visisble from there.

On the western side of the area, a small mountain is located. This mountain is located on military training grounds and troops of militants can be present in the forest too. Don't use your binoculars too often when observing the area to the west!

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