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Very beautiful landscape and good mountain birds above the Samaria Gorge.

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Like many visitors on Crete we went down the Samaria Gorge as all other tourists. But that area was crowded and there were only few good views to wildlife. Then, a bit disappointed we climbed the small trail that leads to top the top of the gorge. The landscape was so beautiful with splended views of Griffon Vulture and we could even see the wild goat Kri-kri. Among the other birds you can encounter here are Alpine Swift, Crag Martin, Bearded Vulture, Blue Rock Thrush and Black-eared Wheatear.



Park at the parking lot for the Samaria Gorge. However, do not enter the gorge and do not pay for it but instead of climbing down, climb up. But note: the trail is very narrow and becomes smaller and smaller. So if you do not feel good you sould return. However, if you dare walking you will be rewarded with splended views into the gorge and some good birds.

Terrain and Habitat

Mountain , Canyon/cliff


Mountainous , Rocky , Dry

Circular trail


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Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit

Summer , Winter , Spring , Autumn , Autumn migration , Spring migration


Narrow trail

Difficulty walking trail


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