Kalloni Saltpans (East)

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Extensive saltpans on the northern side of the Kólpos Kallonís Bay. One of the best places for birdwatchers on the island of Lesvos!

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The Kalloni Saltpans consists of an extensive area of saltpans, located on the northern side of the Kólpos Kallonís Bay in the center of the island of Lesvos. It is (possibly) thé best place for birdwatchers on the island! The saltpans cover about 260 ha and consists of numerous rectangular-shaped pans. The water levels differs continually during each season. The area is a hotspot for so many species of birds, being mainly waders, gulls, terns and so many more species.

The eastern side of the area has definitely not as many birds as the western side, but it's still a great place to visit and see so many species of birds. Especially the southeastern side of the saltpans is great for birds, as this side has more shallow drier mudflats. Common species, that can be observed by hundreds of individuals, are AvocetWood SandpiperCommon RedshankKentish Plover and Little Stint. Pelicans are often observed on this side of the saltpans, like Dalmatian Pelican and Great White Pelican. The eastern side of the saltpans is also good for Greater Flamingo, but not as much as the western side. Hundreds of individuals can be observed here, feeding in the pans.

The unpaved path on the eastern side of the pans can be used to observe the pans. This path is especially at the beginning of the day a good place to observe the birds, because of the sunlight. The area east of the saltpans contains scattered trees and bushes and open grassy areas. This is a good spot for species, like Stone-curlewCollared Pratincole and many species of bunting, warbler, wagtail, pipit and many more.



The area is easy accessable due to the unpaved road adjacent to the pans. You can park your car in the northeastern corner near the observation tower. You can walk southwards to observe the pans.

Terrain and Habitat

Scattered trees and bushes, Grassland, Wetland



Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?


Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit

Spring migration, Autumn migration, Spring


Unpaved road, Wide path

Difficulty walking trail


Accessible by


Birdwatching hide / platform


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