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Beautiful lake with a very rich birdlife. Lake Kastoria is a very important wetland with more than 150 species of birds living here.

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The lake of Kastoria, or officially lake Orestiada, is one of the most beautiful lakes of Greece. The area covered is more than 28 square kilometres, it is 630 metres above sea level and the maximum depth is 10 metres, but average 4,5 metres. It is supplied with water from streams and several sub-lake sources. Lake Kastoria is a very important wetland, more than 150 species of birds live here. Around the lake are reedbeds, shrubs, agricultural areas and riparian forest, contributing to its rich avifauna. Some of the birds use the lake as an intermediate stop during the migration period, while others stay all year. The birdlife includes rare and menaced species. More specifically: Pygmy CormorantGreat White PelicanDalmatian PelicanGlossy IbisGoosanderEuropean Marsh Harrier and Whiskered Tern. A colony of Pygmy Cormorant is even found at the city centre of Kastoria. Waterfowl species, that in other areas are very shy, have become accustomed to human presence and can be seen very close to the shore.



You can drive and walk around the lake to explore it. Birds are often close to the shore. It's about 30 km to circle the lake, so best done by car or bike if you want to explore the whole lake. You can also park in the village of Polykarpi or Kastoria and explore parts of the lake from there on foot. Click on a P in the map to get directions.

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Forest, Wetland, Mountain, Lake, Agriculture, Reedbeds, City/village



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