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A trail up the hills and cliffs from Petra to Lafionas.

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Leaving the mainroad at the W junction to Petra up the olivetree plantation; Little Owl, Sombre Tit, Black-headed Bunting, Red-rumped Swallow in the low areas. Along the road Masked Shrike, Woodchat Shrike and Middle Spotted Woodpecker. When the dustroad ends follow the track uphill, on this level European Bee-eater, Eurasian Hoopoe, Cirl Bunting, European Turtle Dove.

The path becomes winding and sometimes disappears or splits in several tracks, by keeping the high cliffs in S as a general direction one will run in to a track going up to the cliffs. Up on the top Western Rock Nuthatch, Short-toed Snake Eagle, and Alpine Swift.

On the top there is a road leading to Lafionas, here the hill is covered with pineforest. In Lefonis follow the NW road towards Petra.



The bus stops at the S junction to Petra, its also possible to park along the road.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest , Scattered trees and bushes , Valley



Circular trail


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Good birding season

Spring , Summer , Autumn

Best time to visit

Summer , Spring , Autumn


Unpaved road , Narrow trail

Difficulty walking trail

Average walk

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Birdwatching hide / platform


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