Prespa Lakes National Park

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The largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world – more than 1300 pairs, plus more than 350 pairs of Great White Pelicanand up to 700 pairs of Pygmy Cormorant.

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The mountains in Prespa Lakes National Park are more than 2300 metres high, while the lakes lie at the lowest point of the park, at 850 m a.s.l.

275 bird species were recorded in the national park, 160 of them breeding in it. One tenth of the global population of Dalmatian Pelican breed here and can be observed from March to early October. The Great White Pelican arrive later, in April-May. The “Prespa Walking Guide” further says that species found here to breed or probably breed at the very edge of their European breeding range are Goosander (Megali Prespa – relic and isolated population), Hazel Grouse (Mt. Sfika), Common Rock Thrush, Barred Warbler , Savi's Warbler, Marsh Warbler and the Black-headed Bunting.



If you are flying to Greece, it is more convenient to fly to Thessaloniki and drive two and a half hours west along the Odos Egnatia motorway, exit for Kastoria (a lovely town – if your time allows, do have a lunch by the lakeside) and continue north to Prespa Lakes.

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The best topographic maps of the area, accompanied by a walking guide describing 14 nature tours in full detail, can be obtained at the Society for the Protection of Prespa, online or at their HQ in the village of Laimos.


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