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Geloi is the third migration route of Sicily. It’s a fundamental stop-over site for migratory birds, who find shelter, rest and food.


The Plain of Gela forms a sort of bottleneck along the Gela and Maroglio rivers and through this bottleneck passes a bird migration route. This route is internationally well-known and represents the third way of migration through Sicily, in which an average of 60,000 birds, belonging to 127 species (Glossy IbisEurasian SpoonbillRuff), pass in spring.

The Plain is one of the most important agricultural areas in Sicily; named after the city of Gela (an ancient Greek settlement), it was known as the ‘Granary of Rome’ for the abundance of its wheat crops. Today in Geloi, surrounded by farming activities ranging from wheat to artichokes and other vegetables, a small but important colony of Collared Pratincole  struggles to survive white the few remaining natural wetland and marshes become a fundamental wintering site for water birds, such asEuropean Golden-Plover and Northern Lapwing.

Geloi is also a perfect breeding site for Lesser KestrelEuropean Roller e Stone-curlew, White Stork: in this area there are the most numerous populations of Italy.



It is possible to reach Geloi by taking the provincial roads SP35 and SP82 but be careful as they can be in disrepair, especially in winter!

Once you arrive at the "Casa Geloi" Visitor Centre, you can park your car and walk along the paths.

Terrain and Habitat

Wetland, Plain, Steppe, Agriculture, Grassland


Swampy, Open landscape, Hilly

Circular trail


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Good birding season

Spring, Winter, Autumn

Best time to visit

Spring, Winter


Wide path, Narrow trail

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Accessible by

Foot, Bicycle

Birdwatching hide / platform


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Birdingplaces Near

“Biviere di Gela” is the largest coastal lake in Sicily, and one of the main “rest areas” of migratory birds.

From a well-equipped visitor centre several nature trails branch off. One in particular goes through the reeds and is ideal for bird-watching.

During the year the “Biviere di Gela” lake is visited by more than 200 species of birds.

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