Oasi Naturalistica La Valle

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With a surface of nearly 1000 ha, this is a wetland of a great ornithological interest and importance. 202 different species of birds have been seen here.

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With its extensive reedbeds and a modest waters depth, Oasis la Valle is an important site located in a strategic position along the migratory routes from Europe to Africa and offers to many species an ideal place for resting and breeding. Every season of the year is interesting. In winter thousands of water birds arrive from northern Europe for wintering like Common Pochard, Eurasian Wigeon and Ferruginous Duck. In spring the first african migrants arrive for nesting here during the summer, amongs these: Purple HeronSquacco HeronBlack-crowned Night-HeronCattle Egret and Little Bittern. In autumn, in the evening, the reedbeds are populated by Common Starling and swallows ready for the migration. Also Osprey and Common Kingfisher can be observed.



Best to take a tour. Easy to reach, carpark available. Self tour: € 4,00, tour with guide: € 7,00

Opening hours: from June to September: 9 a.m.- 1p.m. / 4- 8 p.m. (Opened every day). From October to May: 9 a.m.- 1p.m. / 3p.m.- 6 p.m. (close on Monday). The “La Valle oasi” is closed all monday from October to May and 1 January, 6 January, Easter, 1 November, 24 December (afternoon), 25 December, 26 December, 31 December (afternoon). A guided tour shows you the variety of birds.  Dedicated bird experts check every day which birds are staying at that moment.

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