Saline Punta della Contessa

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The ponds and the salt flats of Punta della Contessa, while bordering on some mighty industrial works, constitute a precious habitat for migratory birds.

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The Regional natural park of Salina di Punta della Contessa is a protected area near the city of Brindisi. Between Capo di Torre Cavallo and Punta Contessa. A regional nature park since 2002. The area contains a series of coastal basins that, fed by channels and springs of fresh water from inland, are strongly affected by the nearness of the sea, from which they are separated by a thin sand strip. The site is split up into two main wetlands: “Salina Vecchia”, the more extensive (about 165 hectares), transformed in the northern sector into a semi-intensive fish-farming basin, and “Salinella”, slightly smaller, which is entirely container within a military zone which acts as a firing range for the Military Air Force.

Birds are present in many periods of the year, but prevalently during the period of migration and wintering, many ducks, herons, waders and diving birds. Like Eurasian Spoonbill, Northern ShovelerEurasian OystercatcherKentish PloverRed Knot, Yellow-legged GullEurasian Curlew, Spotted RedshankCommon RedshankRuff and European Marsh Harrier. Also numerous open area passerines such as Eurasian Skylark, Corn BuntingWhinchat, various finches, wagtails, and Northern Wheatear.



The city of Brindisi which is in charge of the area, has, over the past few years, set up trails and observation huts.

Terrain and Habitat

Wetland, Sea


Flat, No shadow

Circular trail


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Good birding season

Winter, Spring, Autumn

Best time to visit

Autumn migration, Spring migration

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