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Salt lake Alacol, a stopover for migratory birds, is a great place for birdwatching. More than 200 bird species have been recorded breeding here.


The salty Alacol Lake lies on the Central Asian-Indian bird migration route and has been called a “Silk Road for birds” because of the hundreds of bird species that pass through or stop to breed during their annual migrations. According to UNESCO, 203 species of bird use the lake as a breeding habitat.

Among the birds you can see here are Dalmatian Pelican, one of the world’s largest birds, with a length of up to six feet and a wingspan of up to 11 feet; as well as the rare Relict GullEurasian SpoonbillFerruginous Duck and even flamingos. Swans, herons, plovers and terns are some of the other species that take refuge on the lake’s shores and islands.



By train or car. It is easier to get to Almaty shore of Alakol lake from Almaty. A train can be used to get from Almaty to Akshi (‘13 raziezd’ station), which are the closest villages to Alakol Lake’s Almaty shore. A trip by car from Almaty takes about 10 hours (650 km).

Terrain and Habitat

Steppe, Lake, Beach, Scattered trees and bushes


Sandy, Mountainous, Hilly

Circular trail


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Can be useful

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Spring, Spring migration


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Foot, Car

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