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This 375 ha large wetland is the largest connected reed area in Luxembourg and is a great area for birdwatching,


The 375 ha large wetland reserve Schlammwiss in Uebersyren is an important migratory stopover for a great amount of birds, which use the wetlands to refill their reserves. The area has marshes, patches of forest, agricultural lands and orchards and Schlammwiss has with almost 20 hectares one of the biggest reed banks in Luxembourg.

The main bird species using the reed banks are Reed Warbler, Marsh Warbler and Reed Bunting. Beside the breeding birds the reed banks are a stopover place for Bluethroat, Penduline Tit, Bearded Tit, Savi's Warbler, Great Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler and Aquatic Warbler. In the open areas between the reedbeds and the surrounding farms you can find birds like European Stonechat, Red-backed Shrike, European Goldfinch, Greater Whitethroat and Grasshopper Warbler and during migration Common Quail, Whinchat and Northern Wheatear.

About 40.000 Barn Swallow with Sand Martin arrive every year around August-September in the reed banks of Schlammwiss and create a natural spectacle that attracts predators like Eurasian Hobby, Peregrine Falcon, Sparrowhawk and some owls. Futhermore big groups of Common Starling - about 20.000 each year - and Water Pipit – about 100 each year – are using the reeds as sleeping or over wintering place too. As well small groups of White Wagtail, Western Yellow Wagtail and Yellowhammer are using the reed as sleeping place.



Park in the village and explore on foot. There is also a bird ringing station allowing important research and studies about biodiversity and nature conservation. The bird-ringing station Uebersyren offers guided tours, see the link below.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest, Wetland, Agriculture, Grassland, River, Reedbeds


Open landscape

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?

Can be useful

Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit

Spring, Autumn migration


Paved road

Difficulty walking trail


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Birdwatching hide / platform



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