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Breezanddijk is a small hamlet on the famous "Afsluitdijk" and provides a good spot for migrating and wintering birds!

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Breezanddijk is a small hamlet on the famous "Afsluitdijk". Before the dyke was constructed, the area was a shallow sandbar in the former Zuiderzee and became a working base when construction started. Nowadays, the area contains a gasstation, campsite and a small harbour. The "island" is mostly covered in low vegetation, but several scrubs and small trees are present. During migration, these areas are great for migration songbirds that travel across the lake and rest here. In the last decade, species like Red-breasted Flycatcher and Pallas's Leaf Warbler turned up here.

The waters surrounding the island are what really makes the area a good spot for birding. In winter, large flocks of Greater Scaup rest mostly on the southern side of the dyke. Other waterbirds that can be seen here are Red-breasted MerganserGoosanderCommon Goldeneye and Smew. The harbour contains calm waters and provide a great resting area for gulls.

In Autumn, the area is a great spot for large numbers of Common Tern and Black Tern. Also, large numbers of Little Gull tend to migrate through the area.

The northern side of the dyke gives a great view over the Wadden Sea. Many seabirds can be seen here, like flocks of Common Eider and Greater Scaup. During Autumn migration, the area is also great for scarce species like skuas, such as Arctic Skua (Parasitic Jaeger) and Great Skua. Other rare seabirds that turned up here are Glaucous GullLittle Auk and European Shag.



The area is easy accessible and provides many locations which give a nice overview of both the northern and southern part of the dyke.

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