Groesbeekse Bos

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Het Groesbeekse Bos - The Groesbeek Forest - is a large area with coniferous forest, deciduous forest and heathland. 

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In winter the forest is worth a visit for the early breeders and winter guests. Local birds that start early with breeding are Common RavenRed Crossbill en Tawny OwlGreat Grey Shrike winters on the heath.

In early spring it's the right time for woodpeckers: Middle Spotted WoodpeckerLesser Spotted WoodpeckerGreat Spotted WoodpeckerEurasian Green WoodpeckerBlack Woodpecker.

Early summer is the best time for Eurasian Nightjar. It can be seen and heard from the roads that are accesible at night.

In the forests Northern GoshawkEuropean Honey-buzzardEuropean Pied FlycatcherCommon RedstartCrested Tit and many other forest species can be found.

On the nearby gliding airport local birdwatchers do migration counts. Loads of birds and many rare species are seen each year.



the area can be reached from different directions. The map shows a few parking places and a nice walk (9 km). More walks or bike rides are possible in the area.

Terrain and Habitat

Forest, Scattered trees and bushes, Moors/heathland


Hilly, Flat

Circular trail


Is a telescope useful?

Can be useful

Good birding season

All year round

Best time to visit

Spring, Summer, Autumn migration


Paved road, Unpaved road

Difficulty walking trail


Accessible by

Bicycle, Foot

Birdwatching hide / platform


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Top 5 birds

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