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A fairly small heathland area with surrounding forests and scattered trees and bushes; many typical heathland species can be found here.

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The "Kraijelheide" is a fairly small heathland area near the village of Boekend and consists of a flat heathland landscape with surrounding forests, being mixed with pine and deciduous forests. The area is known for its Hen Harrier sightings in winter, being a scarce local species. Some parts of the area are sown with typical seed bearing species of plant to attract finches and buntings during winter. Large flocks of BramblingChaffinch, European Goldfinch and Yellowhammer can be found on these patches. The forests contain many species of common songbird during winter, like finches, thrushes and tits. Especially the pine forests are worth a check: GoldcrestFirecrestCoal Tit and Crested Tit can be seen feeding in these patches of pine forest. Eurasian Bullfinch can be heard from within the forest. Many woodpeckers make use of the area as well, like Great Spotted WoodpeckerBlack Woodpecker and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Sometimes, a Great Grey Shrike can be present during an entire winter period.

During breeding season, the scattered trees, bushes and the heathland area are very interesting for local breeding species. European Stonechat and Eurasian Skylark are present in the heathland. Sometimes Whinchat can be found here too, but is scarce. Also Grey Partridge and Common Quail can be seen/heard with a bit of luck. The scattered trees and bushes are used by breeding species, such as Tree PipitWood Lark, Greater Whitethroat and Yellowhammer. The forest is used by many species of common songbird, like Common ChiffchaffCommon Redstart and Willow TitNorthern Wheatear can be seen in the open areas, especially during migration. 

Also during spring and summer, predatory birds often make use of the area as foraging habitat, like Eurasian HobbyEurasian Sparrowhawk and Northern Goshawk. Sometimes European Honey-buzzard will soar above the area.



The Kraijelheide is easy accessable on foot and there's a parking spot on the western side of the area. You can make a circular walk of about 4 km long.

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Forest, Scattered trees and bushes, Moors/heathland, Agriculture


Flat, Open landscape

Circular trail


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All year round

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